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What is Chau Fitness?

It's a fully equipped professional home gym. I offer personal training to a wide range of clientele: from people with no training experiece to professional athletes.


What Equipment do you have?

- Fully equipped squat racks

- Olympic weightlifting bars

- Trap bar deadlift and safety squat bar

- Multi angle benches

- Sled with turf

- Dumbbells from 3 lbs to 120 lbs

- Kettlebells from 8 kg to 44 kg

- Bumper plates

- Glute ham raise machine

- Ropes and suspension training systems

- SkiErg Machine

- Chains and elastic bands

What do you specialize in?

I specialize in training for athletic performance as well as in rehabilitation from sport injuries.

How to Fix Lower Back Pain

This video will give you some advice on how to fix lower back pain and prevent injuries.

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Chau Fitness

1001 Avenue Rockland, Montreal, Quebec H2V 3A3, Canada